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burnouts, boundaries, and breakthroughs with jenna kutcher

The queen of conquering the world without ever changing out of comfy pants, also known as small-town Minnesota mama who took a $300 Craigslist camera and turned it into a seven-figure online business, Jenna Kutcher, came on PTT to talk about tough questions, like "How Are You, Really?"

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Let's scrap the bravado from the top.

You don't need Etsy to run a thriving creative business.

You don't need fashion school to have a wildly successful clothing line.

You don't need thousands of followers to make a good living by making things.

Your business doesn't have to look like the average homemaker's - branded with clip art & full of products made from cheesy big box store fabric. It doesn't have to look like mine, either.

What's important, is to build a brand that supports the life you LOVE TO LIVE, and supports all the big, beautiful dreams you're secretly terrified to say out loud.

Doesn't that sound good to you?

Listen up.

I'm Krystal.

I tailor rockstars. I'm a multi-passioned entrepreneur, a student pilot, a wild mustang tamer, and an online educator.

 I help fashion designers, seamstresses, and other makers build fulfilling, profitable businesses...

... and avoid the headaches, losses, and mistakes I made while building and scaling a handmade business.

Look ma, I made it -

can we skip to the good part -

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lEt's bE friEnds.