Hiya, I'm Krystal.
I'm an                                                                     ,    
here to simplify the fashion business maze.


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I'm also...

 The official vending machine for Sterling the 'Stang, a self-appointed estate builder, and captivated student pilot (or cloud surfer, as I like to say)!

I was that action-taking maven who, disenchanted with the 9 to 5, became determined to assemble the sewing + fashion entrepreneurship puzzle again and again until I found what works.

The best part? You too, can live the life you want while earning an income from your designs... but with a LOT less troubleshooting.

(aka Online educator, podcaster + tailor
to rockstars.)

Krystal, in the press:

i'm krystal

 What's more painful than never getting to launch your line?

Launching badly - and staring at boxes of unsold product, that you end up storing in your dining room.

I'll teach you the exact steps for making and selling your designs - regardless of whether or not you're the one doing the sewing.

"cheers to less crickets, and to more sizes being sold out." - Ericka m.

"This little course packed a kind of punch I didn't expect, so yes, I am glad I got off the fence and went for it! "
- sarah l.

"She did exactly what she teaches! She developed my engagement and interest into her daily life and how her business was progressing through her social media. 

I enjoyed the video style modules because it made me feel like she was talking right to me. Her passion for helping others succeed is heartfelt and her honest for all aspects of running a sewing business is inspiring!"
- Stacy W.

a few of my favorite things...

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The Ultimate Fashion Line Launch Financials Template

Your Handmade Workload Estimator

Free All-Inclusive Measurement Sheet

How much will your fashion line cost to produce?

You can't know what your pieces can sell for until you know the answer to this question. Snag this freebie to make number-crunching easy peazy and find out immediately.

Steal my foolproof spreadsheet to estimate your work, before ever answering the age-old rubik's cube question, "How much will this cost?"

No more wishing you earned more, my sweet handmade entrepreneur. This template factors in everything... even the last minute fabric store runs!

Precise, thorough measurements make for perfect handmade garments!

Shave down your fitting time with my go-to measurement sheet that ensures you never miss a measurement.

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lEt's bE friEnds.