I'm a Nashville-based celebrity tailor, wild mustang tamer, student pilot, and entrepreneur.

I'm also a total plant addict, a huge red wine fan, a home decor maximalist, and an enneagram 3w2... consistently french-pressing in Nashville, Tennessee.

I managed to take a Brother Project Runway home sewing machine and built a multi six-figure sewing business that supports a life I love.

I'm documenting my experiences in building my little honey empire, complete with mess-ups, mistakes, celebrations, and experiments, ALL IN THE NAME of helping you build a more sustainable and fulfilling handmade business.

I'm Krystal.

My main business...

I built Music City Sewing - a sewing company that caters to the entertainment world. I primarily tailor rockstars and artists so they can look as good as they sound, while my assistant covers the merch and softgoods side of things. We loveeee taking on custom projects, and have been known from time to time to still accept sampling & patternmaking work.

Outside of running MCS, you can find me covered in thread and either running alongside or riding like the wind on my rescue mustang, Sterling the 'Stang. I adopted Sterling from the Bureau of Land Management back in 2016, right around when I started my business. Both journeys have taught me so much about the other... it's hard not to see the similarities in running a small business and taming a wild animal sometimes! 

When I'm not playing My Little Pony, I'm hard at work (literally) improving our property we just bought. I have so much hope and peace in this little slice of dirt that I get sad on days I don't have time to head out there. In the coming years we're prepping it for Sterling, building a sewing cottage, planting an orchard and vineyard, and inevitably building our dream home. Check out allll those plans over here.

Other side hobbies include:
                    learning languages (I'm on language #3 & #4)
                    flying planes (private pilot in training)
                    growing my podcast

check out my brick-and-mortar

hey there.

Consider this
my siDe project
& elaborate playbill. 

Krystal, in the press:

running on b vitamins, caffEinE and EssEntial oils - 

thanks for asking.

lEt's bE friEnds.

lEt's bE friEnds.