I'm a Nashville-based seamstress, wild mustang tamer, and entrepreneur.

I'm also a total plant addict, I celebrate the invention of red wine, I'm a home decor maximalist, and as an avid 'doer', to-do lists make me smile.

I managed to take a Brother Project Runway home machine and fashion myself a six-figure sewing business in Nashville, Tennessee.

My main project...

hey there.

Check it out


I built Music City Sewing - a sewing company that caters to  the entertainment world. I'm really proud of what I've built. We sew tags and patches onto merchandise, backdrops and other softgoods for the stage, and my favorite - stage costumes for artists.

I also teach an online course that walks other sewists and makers through how to organize their business and be truly profitable at this.


I am a...

celebrity tailor + costumer

live music addict

digital course creator + online educator

Mastermind leader

marketing expert

running on b vitamins, caffEinE and EssEntial oils - 

thanks for asking.

krystal in the press

recent thoughts

horseback rides

frEnch prEssEs (all day)

shih tzu snuggles

a good mErlot

collEcting orchids


guilty pleasures include...

guilty pleasures include...

lEt's bE friEnds.

lEt's bE friEnds.