Sterling the 'stang

How I became
a wild mustang tamer

In 2016, I adopted a wild mustang from the BLM, with the goal of gentling her, and eventually training her to ride.

I must’ve been insane. 

It didn't happen overnight.

"Sterling arrived late last night and came off the truck at a backwards run. She ran circles around me when she realized she was on a rope and after 40 minutes of struggle I managed to get her into a stall for the night and unclip the lead."


"Dad got in today and we managed to lure her into a paddock, then tricked her into a stall - she was terrified to be in there. We fought for an hour to get a rope over her neck but finally managed to halter her."

"Sterling walked right up to me in the pasture today! She fussed a bit and was a little nippy. Now that she knows what treats are she insists she have them."

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"My little 'stang walked up to where I was sitting in the pasture and LAID DOWN NEXT TO ME!!! I moved in closer after a minute, she side-eyed me, then fell asleep in the sun. Today, I'm taking the breakaway halter off, and she'll be unhaltered in the field for the first time."

it didn't happen overnight. 


"My watch says I ran 3.4 miles just chasing Sterling around the round pen. She kept spinning and charging at me. No signs of submission whatsoever.. I think I almost had a heart attack. Idk if I'm cut out for this. I cried the entire drive home."

"Mark came to trim Sterling's feet for the first time. He played Parelli games with her to gain her trust first, and she i pretty good. Progress!!"

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"Sammie & I grabbed our mini polo mallets and stick & balled around her, passing the ball back and forth between her legs and underneath her neck. She didn’t care how fast the ball was going, or if it hit her, but she was a little angry when Sammie reached underneath her to get the ball with the mallet. Working on her personal space issues/respect."

Took Lauren out to see Sterling with me today. We tacked her up with no problems, and led her into the arena. Lauren helped hold her still while I draped my leg over the saddle and laid my weight on her. Sterling kept yawning.. it was almost as if she was bored and just wanted us to move to the next step or leave her alone. "Should I just get on?" I asked Lauren. "Do it." She said, so I went and grabbed a helmet.

I continued on to get her used to my leg swinging over her, which made her nervous. We worked on this for 30 min, and then I took the lead rope and put 1 foot on the stirrup. I stepped up and balances my weight in the middle of her back, and she began taking steps forward. When she finally settled, I gave her a moment then in a brief, calm shift, I swung my leg over and sat on her for the first time.

my girl went from this...

to this...

and now this...