Welcome to my vision board / reality work-in-progress!

In October 2023, literally by the grace of God, we bought 7.3 acres of rolling Tennessee countryside. Everything fell together because it was meant to be, and ever since we've been hard at work improving the parcel and envisioning exactly what we want out of it. For now, we're calling it the Greenbrier Estate - it's green and dreamy, covered in Hickory and Cedar trees, and nestled right against a little year-round creek, complete with mossy rocks and Jurassic Park ferns.

This acreage was on my vision board for a decade, and after 7 years of boarding my horse, I truly cannot wait to bring her 'home', even if home won't be built for a while. I love having room to breathe out here - whether it's opening up acreage or just puddle stomping - it's simply a beautiful place to let your mind catch up to the current time.

Follow along on our journey to building an estate we'll never want to leave!

Our little         
of Tennessee        



our dream home

the sewing cottage

the vineyard

the orchard

(inspiration only, so far)

I'm going to end up combining both of these barn styles in the end, but it's at least a start for what we'll need. We'll never have more than 2 horses so I'd like to keep the footprint small, and we're still trying to figure out where to put it. I'd like to wait a good while before pulling the trigger on this, just so we can at least see what our potential build sites look like in different seasons... the last thing I want is to build in a spot that stays muddy 6 months a year!

At the moment, the shaded regions on the map will be pastures 1 (2 acres) and 2 (1 acre). Phase 1 is fencing in and pasturing these two areas, with phase 2 being fencing in the acreage below pasture 1.
Later on, I plan to excavate a
track all the way down to the
creek and alongside it, then
all the way around the 
property to pasture 2, with it
looping by the vineyard and 
reconnecting with pasture 1.

The property already had nearly 2 acres of pasture (thank God, that gives me time to establish the rest while the horses trash this one). Our current step is opening up an additional acre (pushing that tree line back) and seeding it. We've already got an orchard/rye/bluegrass seed mix on the way, so we can seed it dormant. This way, it's got a head start in the spring, and it has time to rest while we're off getting married and honeymooning in Asia. In February, I'll come through and finish fencing the horse pastures.

What a journey this step has been already!

In October & November, we cleared the build pad for this project and bought the blueprints. This will be a 2 story, 2 bedroom/2 bath house situated towards the front of our property.

I'm so excited that eventually, I'll be able to move my little cottage industry business into this cottage, and it can also go by another name, 'home', if we need it to while we're building our dream home. Living onsite will help us keep a close eye on our forever-home build, as well as cut costs.

We've already got our builder lined up for this. Summertown Metals has been infinitely wonderful to work with so far, and I'm excited for us to break ground in 2024 and get us all the way to dry-in.

I've wanted to grow fruit trees since forever, and now that we have enough space to do whatever we want, we are in fact doing whatever we want. TN Nursery sent us 2 pink lady apple trees, 2 Methley plum trees, 2 peach trees, and 2 moonglow pear trees.

But first, we had to battle with the thickest part of the overgrowth on the entire property - the part right next to the pasture. Putting our little orchard here ensures it won't be in the way later on, since there's a driveway going in right next to it, and a little ravine cutting down the middle of it.  

After fighting with so many blackberry briars and catsclaw, along an abundance of some kind of tree that is a nightmare to cut, we finally have a clear open space to plant (aside from some tiny brush here & there). It feels silly that opening up these two little areas took more time than clearing an entire acre in the northeast corner, but, here we are.

We had a soil test done and amended our soil, so as soon as our fencing guy comes through and installs posts, we'll get our sweet little dormant trees in the ground (I'm terrified of them getting in the way of the tractor). Our pear and apple trees will go on this side of the ravine, with the stone fruit trees on the other side (just beyond that little fringe of trees).

If we didn't have so many exciting things happening in January (like our wedding, and Thailand/Tokyo honeymoon!), I would be begging February to get here already. Why??

Because in February, we have 8 grape vines arriving ready for planting. Grow Organic is sending us 4 merlot grape vines, 2 pinot noir (for my best friend Lauren), and 2 seedless white table grape vines. We get to grow a vineyard. That sounds absolutely ridiculous to say, but hey, we are very extra people.

It may not look like it right now (Nathan just got done weedwacking the entire area, so our next step is to rake/site prep/lime the soil to get the pH right. We're planting these vines in 2 rows along the edge of the same ravine the orchard is staggered between - that way they get natural water rolling downhill, and, they'll be pretty to look at out the cottage's kitchen window.

*Trust the process*

Current 'vineyard' area (the yellow grassy spot) vs. goal status. We also plan to put a simple bridge in over the lowest point of the ravine, but for now, I've simply dropped large logs every 4' and backfilled to create natural stairs downhill.

lEt's bE friEnds.

lEt's bE friEnds.