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Are you hustling alterations, designing your own pieces, or trying to sell handmade products online?
If you're the one doing the making, you need a battle-tested business framework that actually works in the sewing/craft world. 

I teach people who love to sew how to build fulfilling, profitable craft-based businesses using what I've learned building a multi-six figure sewing company.

You don't need to know how to thread a sewing machine to launch your own fashion line - you just need to know how to communicate your ideas to someone who does.

Launching a clothing line can be expensive - even more so if you don't know what you're doing. 

We're no longer accepting new clients at my brick-and-mortar, but allow me to teach you how to get your designs manufactured on your own.

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Get the smartest sewing planner on the planet to help you plan out every element of your garment's design. From what pattern you used, to your measurements at the time of making, to open space for swatches, this travel-sized journal keeps it all together for you.

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Your garment can't be patterned professionally, graded properly, or produced consistently without a tech pack.

If having other people make your designs is the goal, save yourself some massive headaches, and start here!

the ultimate tech pack template for developing your own fashion line

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