The go-to framework for craft work.

There's a lot of FReAKING money to be maDe FROM playing with fabric.


HOW TO make it all work.


keep going at it alone, & take years to learn your lessons as they come to you, just like the rest of us have...  *dumb hard*




You can...




How fulfilling it is to create and design with your mind and your hands.

To create from nothing a compelling combination of texture and color, structure and function.


Without the basics, it's fairly possible that instead of a handmade dreamland, you can in fact fabricate your own version of hell.

MODULE 8: MarkEting for handmadE

MODULE 6: Contracts for creatives

MODULE 4: Estimating work


MODULE 5: Pricing handmade products & ServicEs

MODULE 2: Setting up shop


MODULE 7: Branding

MODULE 3: BuilDing A business Process


Inside the Six-Figure Sewing Pattern 

We'll walk through every single step of becoming a legal business together. Once you're legit, I teach you every element of building your business processes. From efficient project management to implementing billing systems, I'm giving you my hacks for so you can hit the ground running.

Properly estimating work is the single biggest factor in running a profitable craft business. Using the business processes we just built, I teach you my foolproof framework for estimating every product or project that comes your way.

Accurate estimates start by turning your process into a checklist, and if you can't trust your own quote, you're in for a rough time. Say goodbye to accidental non-profit projects!

Building a business process for how you do things is the most powerful thing a business owner can do. If you've ever had a deadline, you probably worked down to the wire. This isn't an estimating issue... this is a process issue. When you make things for money, you’re promising to do the job in the time you estimated. But you can’t be productive if you’re blindsided by surprises you could’ve foreseen along the way. I teach you how to find a repeatable pattern in your work, and take control of your projects from the start.

There are plenty of coaches and educators out there pushing people to simply charge more.

Instead of a rah-rah money session, you'll walk away from this module with the knowledge of what different skill levels can earn, and most importantly, my formula for how to find out what YOU YOURSELF should be charging for your products & services. We're cutting through the noise and coming up with a pricing list for everything you sell. 

I got tired of hearing horror stories from other seamstresses just because they didn't know what was in their own contracts. I'm serving up tried-and-true clauses for you to use, so you won't end up like those poor souls (in bed, eating Jeni's ice cream, crying).

It's not enough to simply have a contract in place. When I say I've seen it all... just trust me friend. I've got stories for every clause to help you understand just why each one is necessary. Once you become a business, you're responsible for understanding what's in your contract, and more importantly, how it protects both you and your clients.  I'll walk you through policies, retainers, and the nine critical elements every contract you ever sign should have.

Almost every time a sewing business comes to me struggling to find more customers, the real issue is that they didn't brand their company well.

Branding all comes down to how we want our customers to think about our product or service, how we want that to make them feel, and finally, what we want them to do about it (in our case, hire us, or buy from us.)

It's the secret sauce when you want to find more dream clients for your sewing business or etsy store. You'll turn your business into a brand here, develop clear-cut style templates for how the world sees you, and open it up to even larger opportunities in doing so.

Marketing is simply attracting those you want and repelling those you don’t. Makers tend to get overwhelmed by all the fancy marketing tricks and strategy - so much so that they freeze instead of take action. Good marketing is actually good storytelling - and I'm about to teach you how to tell irresistible stories that will do the selling for you. The best part?

I'll take you through how to create contextual content, and how to repurpose the same content into numerous pieces that will get you results, no matter what platform you plan to use. From social media to SEO to email marketing, you'll know just enough about each marketing topic to be dangerous enough to take action, without getting bogged down in the details & the tech. Whether you currently know nothing about marketing, or you already know the basics, you'll complete this module with your marketing plan, and know exactly what to do from week to week.

I'll help you answer the question, "is this business idea even worth doing?" We've got exercises to help you stand out, narrow down your niche, and quantify the handmade product you want to sell.

A lot of businesses that never made it to year two, never did this one simple step.

Module 1: Ideas worth doing

I found Krystal on Instagram a while ago and was drawn to her style and how she shared information. Fast forward to completing her course... She did exactly what she teaches! She developed my engagement and interest into her daily life and how her business was progressing through her social media. 

When I first saw her share about her course ideas an wanting beta group interest, I knew she would be a great teacher. And I wanted in!

The Six-Figure Sewing Pattern was so helpful with developing my alterations business. I enjoyed the video style modules because it made me feel like Krystal was talking right to me. Krystal's passion for helping others succeed is heartfelt and her honest for all aspects of running a sewing business is inspiring!









Krystal - I really enjoyed your teaching style, and the materials I have worked through really helped me to understand aspects of building a career in sewing that I had no idea about in a clear and user-friendly way.

I think there is real value in the course materials you've made - and I am confident that going forward the modules I still have to complete will give me invaluable advice and insight when I'm ready to work through them.

Krystal. I used your suggestions in my contract and how I priced my retainer for what was a big project dollar-wise for me. I'm sure glad I did- seeing as they ran out of money a month later. I was completely protected from start to finish, and didn't lose a dime. Thank you.

The branding and marketing modules are so helpful, I hope you don't mind my friend listening in for her jewelry business! This little course packed a kind of punch I didn't expect, so yes, I am glad I got off the fence and went for it! 

Hear from stuDEnts

I quit my last day job six years ago to build & run a craft-based business. I never looked back.

I had a dream and a bottomless French press - but I had no clue how to build, brand, market, or operate a business built on handmade products. I got obsessed over figuring out the puzzle.

It took massive action, expensive experiments, and scrappy decisions... and ended up generating a multi six-figure revenue from handmade projects and services. 

I know what it's like to be lost in your own creative idea and spinning in circles, trying to just gain some traction. That's because it's less like riding a bike,

meet your teacher

Hey, I'm Krystal!
I'm a maker...
Just like you.

I turned my Brother Project Runway sewing machine and $30 Craigslist desk into a six-figure sewing business.

 and more like flying a plane. Your success has been 
reverse-engineered for you inside this course. I figured out what works,
 and why, and turned those strategies and tactics into a crash course.

I want to teach you how to turn your idea for a homemade product into a living, breathing, profitable business. This course breaks every critical step down for you into actionable tasks, so that you can stop questioning your skills, and start profiting from your work.

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it all started with my camera.

about us

The sewing craft industry generates $43.9 billion each year.

That's billion with a 'b.'


 When you're just starting out, it can seem downright baffling to tap into those dollar signs.

What if I told you...

 That your skills were plenty good enough - you simply lack the strategies and process that comes from years of selling things you make.

What if instead of spending years, you could skip ahead and fastpass to pure profit territory?

Are you truly profiting on your work? Or are you merely buying supply after supply, and creating sample after sample, hoping something magically clicks for your biz? 

The truth is...

There's work that moves the needle, and work that just doesn't.

I'm teaching makers how to uplevel their side hustle. You down?

The fashion industry generates even more... $1.34 trillion per year.

still not surE if it's mEant for you?


Will this course teach me sewing?
NO. This is not a sewing course - this is a sewing business course to teach you how to be profitable at your craft, whether that be stitching, alterations, designing, or patterning.

Is this for people who physically make their items, or can aspiring designers benefit from the course too?

This course is geared specifically towards makers who want to start and grow a sewing business - whether that's by selling handmade products or their sewing services. 

How much is it?
$347  (a $1050 value if I coached you one-on-one). 

Is there a payment plan? 

Yes! $116/month for 3 months. Unlike many digital courses, you won't pay more money just because you'd prefer to make payments. You shouldn't be punished for having a budget, and the whole goal here is to make you more profitable, after all!

Have unanswered questions about the course?

Curious if a particular topic is going to be covered?

email me!