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Sick of fighting for space to write?

Wondering what size you were the last time you made that pattern?

Wishing you knew where you bought that fabric?

No more unknowns...

design your handmade wardrobe

Plan your next year of sewing, or grab a pen and see where the planner takes you!

This sewing planner includes room to write:

• what your wardrobe needs more of
• describe your style (so you stay focused)
• any skills you'll need to learn to sew your projects
• which fabrics you used for what part of the garment (in case you need to source more later!)
• notes on extra lined pages
• project outcome
• what you would do differently next time
• any necessary pattern adaptations

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never guess about fit again

plan your projects
by season

Audit your closet

Sewing planner details

• 7.12" x 9.25"
• heavy laminated glossy cover
• full color print
• durable black metal spiral
• 180g card stock paper
• Free shipping

• Allows for seasonal wardrobe planning
• Peaceful Christmas present making
• Helps achieve a balanced wardrobe

• Know what your actual measurements were at the time of making your garment, and exactly where you measured from.
• List any pattern adaptations made to the pattern you chose.

• Organize outside, interfacing, and liner fabrics, should you ever need to buy more.
• List out which tools & notions are needed to create an easy shopping list.
• Attach fabric swatches for easy reference later.

The Wardrobe Blueprint provides dedicated sections for:

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The Wardrobe Blueprint has arrived just in time for your peaceful, well-planned sewing projects.

 • 2 project pages per month
• which pattern you used
• what size you made
• what your measurements were at the time of making
• the date you made the item
• pattern adaptations to customize patterns to your measurements
• fabric swatches
• supplies shopping lists
• graph paper for sketching
• list and image of all body measurements
• project outcome, and what you would do differently next time
• monthly sewing & design quotes to keep you going

• Describe the style of your ideal wardrobe
• List out what your closet is lacking
• Write out what skills you'll need to learn, or which ones need practicing

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